Thursday, October 13, 2011

SERENITY FOR JUST ONE DAY:  Try one (or all ten) of these ten ideas and see if your day doesn't become more serene....Ten ways to deal with stress today:
1)  Call a friend to say hello
2)  Listen to your favorite music
3)  Take a walk outside - it is gorgeous!
4)  Eat something really healthy today
5)  Breathe.........take 5 deep breaths and let your worries go!
6)  Laugh:  Find a funny cartoon on the internet and laugh--a big, huge belly laugh and share it with your co-worker!
7)  Try drinking a soothing cup of tea
8)  Be mindful...write down something you really want to accomplish in life
9)  Get some extra sleep tonight - turn off the TV, light a candle and sleep.......
10) Make a Gratitude list!  Find at least 3 things you are grateful for and write them down!

Don't forget to take a journey today as well......go to the grocery store a different way and see what the Universe has for you!!!