Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Expressing Emotions....

How do you express emotions? Did you know that emotions are heaven sent?  YES! A gift from God!

Do you feel that it is okay to show how you feel?  When?  How often? Where - everywhere???  Is it okay to ask for what you need?  Absolutely!!!  If you need a hug - ask for one!  If you need a shoulder to cry on - don't hesitate to call a friend or loved one and let them know!  Did you know we all need 12 hugs per day to be healthy???

Are you comfortable showing your emotions?  Are you comfortable when others show their emotions?  Did you know that tears cleanse the soul?  Did you know that laughter replenishes your heart?  

Do you believe expression of emotions is a form of communication?   When was the last time you laughed?  Really laughed?  Yes, a big belly laugh!  Try it - it's amazing!  Keep a humor journal or a file of your favorite cartoons - send one to a friend!  Laugh with someone you love.......enjoy watching the other person laugh until they cry!!!

Can you learn to emote or express your emotions if they have been suppressed most of your life?  You bet!

Show how you feel on a regular basis!  SMILE!!!  It is good for the soul, and everyone around you will wonder what you are up to!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Relax, rejuvenate and refresh!!!

RELAX!!!  Stop.  Take a moment.  Breathe...ask yourself:
How do you RelaxRejuvenate yourself?  Refresh your soul???

Try twirling your tongue as you say Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrelax!  The best time to relax is when you are most stressed.........take five minutes........take a deep breath - down to your toes!!!  Let your tummy expand and allow the air to move throughout your whole upper body!  Singers know that holding in your tummy while trying to breathe deeply only brings your shoulders UP and will not fill you lungs with the needed air they are waiting for!!! 
Try counting to five as you inhale - breath in through your nose........then, count to five as you exhale - let the air go out your mouth!  Do this several times until it becomes more natural for you! 
Listen to some relaxing music........listen for the the sound of the ocean in your ears.........listen as the water cascades down a mountain stream.........listen to the birds chirping in your your mind..........allow the peace and quiet to melt the tension in your neck, shoulders, arms, legs.......
Take a Yoga class - this will teach you how to breathe deeply and stretch your muscles and your spirit!  Try it - you might like it!
Take a hot bath.........tell your family, kids, dog that you are not coming out for a week!  Then, you MIGHT get 15 minutes all to yourself!
Learn to relax every muscle from your head to your by one......slowly....easily.....feel your body let go..........feel the ahhhhhhhhhhhh.........

Rejuvenate - what does that look like to you???
A brisk walk? A bicycle ride?  Running?  Working out at the gym??  Getting away for a Sunday drive???  How about a weekend away with someone you love??  Finishing a project you have forgotten?  Opening the blinds in your living room - let all the light in!!!  Feel your body rejuvenate as you try something new!

Refresh your soul -how will you allow yourself to do that?
Take a long cool drink of lemonade, ice tea or cool water..........taste the refreshing flavor....let an ice cube melt on your tongue....feel the joy of refreshment!
Return to the "land of your soul".....think about what feeds your soul?  Your spirit? Your very essence!  Allow yourself time to return to a slower pace......a time to contemplate your life, your purpose, your aspirations........your very being!  Take 15 minutes to journal what thoughts come across your mind........and come back often!

Give yourself the gift of relaxation......rejuvenation.......refreshment!
You deserve it!!!