Thursday, December 15, 2011


Destination.....hmmm.......where am I going today?  Will I take a different way to the grocery store or to work?  Will I allow myself to see the beautiful things along the way - even in the rain?  The destination is not always the goal.....perhaps it is time to take a journey instead!  Meander along the road, take your time, look for something new you haven't seen before....utilize all of your senses today!  What smells bring back a memory of someone you love?  What taste is your favorite?  What can you see that is unique?  What can you touch that feels soft, delicate and smooth?  Did you hear the bird sing his song this morning as you awoke to a new day?  If not, listen for it tomorrow!  Explore, adventure, have fun!  YES, play today!  Maybe for the first time in a long, long time sit down on the floor and play with your dog or cat!  Take a walk........breathe in the fresh air!  Find a funny cartoon and laugh........that's right - a huge, belly laugh!  One that makes your insides work out!!!

Enjoy the destination today........make it a journey!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Here are a few words of wisdom from a set of new dishes that I bought for my new hubby and I.......

Dream...within your heart....hold a secret spot where dreams may go....
Laugh...the happiest moments are those spent with friends and family...share's good for the soul!
Share...nothing can help so much as a kindly deed...doing something for someone will sweeten your day....
Love...have a heart that never hardens...a temper that never flares...a touch that only soothes...laugh truly...forgive quickly...
Family...the circle of life starts and ends with family...a family's love is the greatest love...and the greatest gift!
Celebrate...celebrate the happiness given by friends...make everyday a thankful for ALL there is to celebrate...the more you give thanks and appreciate life...the more there is in life to celebrate!!!

May you find the blessing of thanksgiving this entire month!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

SERENITY FOR JUST ONE DAY:  Try one (or all ten) of these ten ideas and see if your day doesn't become more serene....Ten ways to deal with stress today:
1)  Call a friend to say hello
2)  Listen to your favorite music
3)  Take a walk outside - it is gorgeous!
4)  Eat something really healthy today
5)  Breathe.........take 5 deep breaths and let your worries go!
6)  Laugh:  Find a funny cartoon on the internet and laugh--a big, huge belly laugh and share it with your co-worker!
7)  Try drinking a soothing cup of tea
8)  Be mindful...write down something you really want to accomplish in life
9)  Get some extra sleep tonight - turn off the TV, light a candle and sleep.......
10) Make a Gratitude list!  Find at least 3 things you are grateful for and write them down!

Don't forget to take a journey today as well......go to the grocery store a different way and see what the Universe has for you!!!


Saturday, August 20, 2011


Think about what and who you surround yourself with each day....have you created a place of repose where you can sit and truly unwind?  Think about surrounding yourself with those little things that make you smile - a photograph, a card, a plaque with your favorite saying on it, a wall hanging, a bible verse, a book, your favorite tablecloth, a feather............Then, ask the people who bring you joy to stop over for a cup of coffee or tea.  Ask someone over with whom you can laugh with - that's right a big, belly laugh! 

Consider creating a sacred place just for you somewhere in your house!
Surround yourself with the items that remind you most of the people and places you love!  Remember that candle your best friend gave you?  Or, a glass figurine from your childhood?  A pillow you can lay your head on?  A special comforter or throw blanket to keep you warm?  A room where the sun shines beautifully on the book you are reading?  Create a space where you can relax, unwind and let the cares of this world disappear....

Consider it, contemplate it, then create it!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Energy.......what is it and where does it come from???

Think about the definition of energy:  Vigor or power in action; Capacity for action or accomplishment; The work a physical system is capable of doing when changing from one state to another...
When was the last time you felt energized?  Full of vigor and vitality?  Ready for action?  Ready to accomplish something important?
Well, if it's been a while, then perhaps you need an energy break!
Sit at your desk, close your eyes, take some deep breaths, and relax your entire body from head to toe.  Allow yourself to completely relax and let go of the tension you have been feeling...
Squeeze your hands together and release them five times in succession.  Point your toes toward your knees and then, release them five times.  Rotate your feet in circles five times. Let your neck relax by looking down for 5 seconds, to the right side for 5 seconds, to the left for 5 seconds and looking up for 5 seconds.  Now, stand up and reach for the stars - that's it!  Reach your arms up above your head 5 times.  Shake your shoulders, arms and hands.  Now, sit back down and see if you don't have a bit more energy than you did 5 minutes ago!!!
Do this exercise OFTEN!!!  Allow your body the time to re-energize itself by taking a short break for YOU!
Share these ideas with your co-workers or team!  Then, enjoy the rest of your day!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Have you had your DeStress break today?

Fifteen minutes ALL to yourself - have you taken that time today?  Think about it...........what keeps you from taking a few moments to sit back, relax and enjoy life?  Is it the stress of work?  Finances? Relationships? Too hectic of a schedule?  Feeling of being overwhelmed???

Well.............take a load off and RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRelax!  Take the time to do your favorite activity - even if it is for JUST 15 minutes today!  Read a book, take a hot bath or shower, go for a walk, take 5 deep breaths, close your eyes, let your shoulders sink down,  listen to music or nature - listen for the birds tomorrow morning, watch a sunset, smile at your children, hug your dog, laugh - a big, belly laugh!!!  

Find little ways to take a moment throughout the day.....give yourself a break! You are worth it!!!
Fifteen minutes................that's all!!!  Then, make it a habit for 21 days and see if you don't feel better!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Divine.....being of or having the nature of a deity.............where is the divine in your life?  Who is the Divine in your life?  What is supremely good to you?  Magnificent?  Heavenly???

Can it be possible that we each can find God in our lives?  Yes, absolutely!  Each day, in some small way, God is speaking to us.....through a still small voice......reading a devotion meant just for you..........through the wind in our hair........through your son's smile......through your daughter's laughter........stop.......listen..........just for a moment and hear the voice of God speaking to you....yes, you.

Look up!  See that beautiful sunburst in the clouds?  The gorgeous sunset?  Ahh...yes, that is God's signature on the day - a sign or symbol of  His incredible love for us!

Feel the gentle breeze upon your face....listen for the cardinals' call in the morning....gaze upon the extravagant promises of God all around you!  And, enjoy finding the Divine each time you look with new eyes.........


Divine.....being of or having the nature of a deity.............where is the divine in your life?  Who is the Divine in your life?  What is supremely good to you?  Magnificent?  Heavenly???

Can it be possible that we each can find God in our lives?  Yes, absolutely!  Each day, in some small way, God is speaking to us.....through a still small voice......through the wind in our hair........through your son's smile......through your daughter's laughter........stop.......listen..........just for a moment and hear the voice of God speaking to you....yes, you.

Look up!  See that beautiful sunburst in the clouds?  The gorgeous sunset?  To me, that is God's signature on the day - a sign or symbol of  His incredible love for us!

Feel the gentle breeze upon your face....listen for the cardinals' call in the morning....gaze upon the extravagant promises of God all around you!  And, enjoy finding the Divine each time you look with new eyes.........

Saturday, May 7, 2011


What brings you serenity?  Think about it!  When was the last time you took a moment to rest your weary body, mind or soul to contemplate what serenity means to you?  

What conjures up an image of a "serene repose" for you?  
Consider taking time to watch a family of ducks or geese with their babies swimming across a an entire flock of baby lambs frolicking across a meadow... sit on a park bench and watch the sunset...Walk through a field full of sunflowers...Listen to a waterfall...Feel a gentle breeze on your face...

When was the last time your mind was unclouded?  Bright??  Tranquil???

Read the prayer below and allow it to sink into your heart, mind and soul:
"God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And, wisdom to know the difference...."
Have you ever found acceptance?  Courage?  Wisdom?  It is yours for the asking!!!

Find a photo or picture which allows you to take a moment and reflect......pause.....and consider all that is good, beautiful and lovely.....
Hang it up on the wall at home or put it up in your cube at work!!!  
Take a few minutes to reflect on what is good, beautiful and lovely!!!
Try it may find your place of repose...even if it is just in your mind or on the wall!  Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Sacred - who or what is sacred to you?
Consider these thoughts...
Is it having God, a Higher Power or the Universe as your center?
Is it the Holy Sacrament of taking communion or the Eucarist?
Is it standing on Holy Ground in Sedona, Arizona?
Is it holding your grandchild in your arms and rocking him/her to sleep?
Is it the breathtaking view at the top of a mountain top?
Is it the sound of the ocean or the feel of the sand running between your toes?
Is it reading the Holy Scriptures?  Or, is it spending time being mindful about God or nature?
Is it knowing that God is right by your side?
Is it feeling the Divine presence as close as your breath?

Take a few deep breaths now and allow yourself to feel and sense the Divine all around you!!!
Allow yourself to be completely absorbed by this special time...........

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Expressing Emotions....

How do you express emotions? Did you know that emotions are heaven sent?  YES! A gift from God!

Do you feel that it is okay to show how you feel?  When?  How often? Where - everywhere???  Is it okay to ask for what you need?  Absolutely!!!  If you need a hug - ask for one!  If you need a shoulder to cry on - don't hesitate to call a friend or loved one and let them know!  Did you know we all need 12 hugs per day to be healthy???

Are you comfortable showing your emotions?  Are you comfortable when others show their emotions?  Did you know that tears cleanse the soul?  Did you know that laughter replenishes your heart?  

Do you believe expression of emotions is a form of communication?   When was the last time you laughed?  Really laughed?  Yes, a big belly laugh!  Try it - it's amazing!  Keep a humor journal or a file of your favorite cartoons - send one to a friend!  Laugh with someone you love.......enjoy watching the other person laugh until they cry!!!

Can you learn to emote or express your emotions if they have been suppressed most of your life?  You bet!

Show how you feel on a regular basis!  SMILE!!!  It is good for the soul, and everyone around you will wonder what you are up to!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Relax, rejuvenate and refresh!!!

RELAX!!!  Stop.  Take a moment.  Breathe...ask yourself:
How do you RelaxRejuvenate yourself?  Refresh your soul???

Try twirling your tongue as you say Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrelax!  The best time to relax is when you are most stressed.........take five minutes........take a deep breath - down to your toes!!!  Let your tummy expand and allow the air to move throughout your whole upper body!  Singers know that holding in your tummy while trying to breathe deeply only brings your shoulders UP and will not fill you lungs with the needed air they are waiting for!!! 
Try counting to five as you inhale - breath in through your nose........then, count to five as you exhale - let the air go out your mouth!  Do this several times until it becomes more natural for you! 
Listen to some relaxing music........listen for the the sound of the ocean in your ears.........listen as the water cascades down a mountain stream.........listen to the birds chirping in your your mind..........allow the peace and quiet to melt the tension in your neck, shoulders, arms, legs.......
Take a Yoga class - this will teach you how to breathe deeply and stretch your muscles and your spirit!  Try it - you might like it!
Take a hot bath.........tell your family, kids, dog that you are not coming out for a week!  Then, you MIGHT get 15 minutes all to yourself!
Learn to relax every muscle from your head to your by one......slowly....easily.....feel your body let go..........feel the ahhhhhhhhhhhh.........

Rejuvenate - what does that look like to you???
A brisk walk? A bicycle ride?  Running?  Working out at the gym??  Getting away for a Sunday drive???  How about a weekend away with someone you love??  Finishing a project you have forgotten?  Opening the blinds in your living room - let all the light in!!!  Feel your body rejuvenate as you try something new!

Refresh your soul -how will you allow yourself to do that?
Take a long cool drink of lemonade, ice tea or cool water..........taste the refreshing flavor....let an ice cube melt on your tongue....feel the joy of refreshment!
Return to the "land of your soul".....think about what feeds your soul?  Your spirit? Your very essence!  Allow yourself time to return to a slower pace......a time to contemplate your life, your purpose, your aspirations........your very being!  Take 15 minutes to journal what thoughts come across your mind........and come back often!

Give yourself the gift of relaxation......rejuvenation.......refreshment!
You deserve it!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011


What or whom do you TRUST?  It is God, the Universe, or a Higher Power?  Or, do your trust your bank account?  Retirement fund or pension? 

What about your job security - do you trust that you will have a job five years from now or five days from now?  Do you trust your Boss? Co-worker? Secretary?

How about family members?  Do you trust your spouse?  Children?  Friend? Sister or brother, mother or father, aunt or uncle?  Does one have to exhibit a complete sense of honesty and integrity to be trusted?  How about mutual respect - does that build trust?

What about your health - do you trust that you will have years to enjoy life?  If you take care of yourself healthwise, does that mean you can trust to live to a ripe old age of 70 or 80?

Do you trust in your own ability, skills, or knowledge? 
Do you trust in only those things which you can see or is there a certain amount of "faith" that comes with trusting???
Where does trust come from?  An inner "knowing" or intuition?  Solid evidence?  Past experience?  Comfort zone?

Ponder upon this question and see where your heart leads...........write your own definition of trust and share it with those you love!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Strength - Where do you receive your strength from???

Strength - What gives you strength?  Inspires you?  Makes you determined?

Is it praying or reading something inspirational daily?  Listening to inspirational CD's or a favorite author's words of wisdom?  What about the Bible, Torah or Kuran?  Do you find strength there?

Is it working out at the gym each day?   Going for a rigorous walk?  Taking a Yoga class?

Does your family give you strength?  Your children?  Your spouse?
Are YOU the pillar of strength for your family?  Does having a strong faith give you strength?

What motivates you or gives you the strength to finish a difficult task or job?

From the dictionary, strength is the state, quality or property of being strong.....hmmm.....where do you receive your strength or power from???  Do you have the power to resist force or stress???  Is your source of strength from many areas of your life or just one?

Is being strong always necessary?  Is strength a powerful force that permeates your life?  Are your strengths in being compassionate, loving, caring? 

What about being consistently near perfection in one area?  Does that make you strong or show that you have a strength in one specific area?

What about moral courage?  Are you strong in that area?  Are you determined?  Do you exhibit a sense of intensity that others do not seem to have?

What about quite confidence - do you gain strength from being still???
Think about it.......What gives you strength?.........Or, do you give strength to others?

It's worth reflecting upon.....find your strength and share it with those you love!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

ENERGY -What gives you energy?

Think about energy for a minute.........what gives you energy?  What invigorates you?  What transforms you?  Excited over starting a new year?  Gaining momentum to start new fitness goals this year?  Working on a new strategic plan for this year?  Closing a big sale this week or next?  Waking to a brand new day?  The sight of fresh snow?  How about a brisk walk in the park with your favorite pooch??

Conversely, what depletes your energy?  Do you pick up on other people's negative energy throughout the day?  If so, how can you turn it into positive energy?  Capture a moment to relax, take a deep breath, smile at your co-worker for a change......laugh with your children or best friend.......take time to feel the warmth of the sunshine on your face. 

Exert some energy by taking a 5 minute walk!  See how different you feel!!!
Then, tell us your where you get your energy from......

Friday, January 7, 2011

Daily Hassle?

Share your favorite Daily Hassle! 
What irks you today?  What irritated you this morning on the way to work?  (ONE sentence only, please!)

Traffic?  Locked your keys in the car? Forgot your lunch, phone, briefcase, daytimer?
Can't stop your co-worker from bending your ear at the water cooler?
Frustrated with your kids being late every morning?

Whatever it is/was that irks you today - turn it around!!!

What is Divine to you? 
Chocolate?  Soft music? Prayer? Devotions? Serene scene on your desktop or way to work?
Completing an assignment on your To-Do list?
Cartoon or Funny pages in the newspaper?

Take whatever it was that made you feel awful and make it fun today!  Laugh at your kids being late or your dog taking extra time for his/her morning consitution...thank the AAA tow company who opened your car door!  Listen to some soothing music, post a cartoon on your cube at work, give your co-worker a compliment!  Look at the opposite of what irks you and incorporate that into your day!

Find what makes you smile.........then, give a smile away!