Monday, January 24, 2011


What or whom do you TRUST?  It is God, the Universe, or a Higher Power?  Or, do your trust your bank account?  Retirement fund or pension? 

What about your job security - do you trust that you will have a job five years from now or five days from now?  Do you trust your Boss? Co-worker? Secretary?

How about family members?  Do you trust your spouse?  Children?  Friend? Sister or brother, mother or father, aunt or uncle?  Does one have to exhibit a complete sense of honesty and integrity to be trusted?  How about mutual respect - does that build trust?

What about your health - do you trust that you will have years to enjoy life?  If you take care of yourself healthwise, does that mean you can trust to live to a ripe old age of 70 or 80?

Do you trust in your own ability, skills, or knowledge? 
Do you trust in only those things which you can see or is there a certain amount of "faith" that comes with trusting???
Where does trust come from?  An inner "knowing" or intuition?  Solid evidence?  Past experience?  Comfort zone?

Ponder upon this question and see where your heart leads...........write your own definition of trust and share it with those you love!

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