Friday, January 7, 2011

Daily Hassle?

Share your favorite Daily Hassle! 
What irks you today?  What irritated you this morning on the way to work?  (ONE sentence only, please!)

Traffic?  Locked your keys in the car? Forgot your lunch, phone, briefcase, daytimer?
Can't stop your co-worker from bending your ear at the water cooler?
Frustrated with your kids being late every morning?

Whatever it is/was that irks you today - turn it around!!!

What is Divine to you? 
Chocolate?  Soft music? Prayer? Devotions? Serene scene on your desktop or way to work?
Completing an assignment on your To-Do list?
Cartoon or Funny pages in the newspaper?

Take whatever it was that made you feel awful and make it fun today!  Laugh at your kids being late or your dog taking extra time for his/her morning consitution...thank the AAA tow company who opened your car door!  Listen to some soothing music, post a cartoon on your cube at work, give your co-worker a compliment!  Look at the opposite of what irks you and incorporate that into your day!

Find what makes you smile.........then, give a smile away!


  1. My irk for the day; was when I was using my husbands Google account and just made him your friend!! The Joy? He will wonder how this happened!!

  2. Hilarious! Can't wait to see HIS comment! LOL