Monday, January 10, 2011

ENERGY -What gives you energy?

Think about energy for a minute.........what gives you energy?  What invigorates you?  What transforms you?  Excited over starting a new year?  Gaining momentum to start new fitness goals this year?  Working on a new strategic plan for this year?  Closing a big sale this week or next?  Waking to a brand new day?  The sight of fresh snow?  How about a brisk walk in the park with your favorite pooch??

Conversely, what depletes your energy?  Do you pick up on other people's negative energy throughout the day?  If so, how can you turn it into positive energy?  Capture a moment to relax, take a deep breath, smile at your co-worker for a change......laugh with your children or best friend.......take time to feel the warmth of the sunshine on your face. 

Exert some energy by taking a 5 minute walk!  See how different you feel!!!
Then, tell us your where you get your energy from......

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  1. This was a really good question. I often times find myself asking this very question. Where does my energy come from? I'm always tired. Sick of the hussle and bussle of life. But I have another person's life to think about. That person really depends on me so therefore, in someway I beleive most of my energy comes from them. Just my thoughts.
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