Thursday, February 16, 2012


S I M P L I F Y..........ahhhh.........
Slow down,
Imagine doing less,
Make time for loved ones,
Practice patience,
Learn to gently say no,
Increase your quiet time,
Follow your heart,
Yield to Life, Yield to Peace, Yield to Joy....

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Inhale Beauty today!

Inhale Beauty today - have you ever thought about how to do that?

First, sit down in a comfy place, relax your mind and body and think about the most beautiful place you have ever you that image in your mind?  Now, take in a deep breath to the count of 5, then, exhale to the count of five.  Try this five times in a row........ahhh.........feel better?  

Try to focus on beauty today - even if it is raining outside!  Look out the window and watch the raindrops fall on your window pane......what do you see? Is the sun trying to peek out from behind a cloud?  It is there even though we cannot see it today!  Are you feeling kind of cloudy inside?  If so, imagine the most beautiful sunset you can, then imagine just sitting enjoying the warm glow of the sunshine........take five deep breaths again and inhale beauty as often as you can remember to do so!

There are so many wonderful and beautiful things all around us if we will only open our eyes, our minds and our hearts to see it!

Look for beauty today everywhere you go!!!

The Twelve Days of Christmas!

The Twelve Days of Christmas is more than a wonderful song!  There are truly twelve gifts that we can focus on until January 6, 2012!  Take one for each day and focus on each gift that you have already in your life and ways you can incorporate or improve this gift in the new year!
The FIRST Day of Christmas:  Focus on FAITH - the greatest gift of this season!
The SECOND Day of Christmas:  Focus on LOVE - great the new year with love for everyone you meet!
The THIRD Day of Christmas:  Focus on STRENGTH - God is the source of my strength!
The FOURTH Day of Christmas:  Focus on WISDOM - I never need to worry.  The answer to any uncertainty is with me already!
The FIFTH Day of Christmas:  Focus on POWER - I have been endowed with a mighty power!  Once that creates a positive, peaceful existence!
The SIXTH Day of Christmas:  Focus on IMAGINATION - We are all creative!  Creativity is not limited to art, music or writing.  Even the simplest of tasks can be approached with imagination!
The SEVENTH Day of Christmas:  Focus on UNDERSTANDING - I stand at the doorway of a new adventure.  Commit to an open mind and an open heart!
The EIGHTH Day of Christmas:  Focus on WILL - With a new year comes a new sense of internal direction.  Surrender your desires to God and allow the will of God to direct your life!
The NINTH Day of Christmas:  Focus on ORDER - Everything that happens in my life is in Divine order.
The TENTH Day of Christmas:  Focus on ZEAL - Approach life with zeal and allow that incredible energy to rise up within you and carry you onto a new, exciting and joyful life!
The ELEVENTH Day of Christmas:  Focus on RELEASING - Spend time with God in prayer each day.  Allow your spiritual life to grow and release any regret, shame, blame or guilt.  Be born anew in your heart!
The TWELFTH Day of Christmas:  Focus on LIFE - Awaken to the source of all of life!  Allow the gentle nudge of God's spirit to guide and direct your sails!  Thank God for another day of love, joy and peace!!!