Thursday, December 15, 2011


Destination.....hmmm.......where am I going today?  Will I take a different way to the grocery store or to work?  Will I allow myself to see the beautiful things along the way - even in the rain?  The destination is not always the goal.....perhaps it is time to take a journey instead!  Meander along the road, take your time, look for something new you haven't seen before....utilize all of your senses today!  What smells bring back a memory of someone you love?  What taste is your favorite?  What can you see that is unique?  What can you touch that feels soft, delicate and smooth?  Did you hear the bird sing his song this morning as you awoke to a new day?  If not, listen for it tomorrow!  Explore, adventure, have fun!  YES, play today!  Maybe for the first time in a long, long time sit down on the floor and play with your dog or cat!  Take a walk........breathe in the fresh air!  Find a funny cartoon and laugh........that's right - a huge, belly laugh!  One that makes your insides work out!!!

Enjoy the destination today........make it a journey!