Friday, April 11, 2014

Everlasting Sunshine...

Everlasting Sunshine - have you ever imagined that?  I found a new Suave body wash called Everlasting Sunshine that smells like Passion Flowers and Vanilla - it is heavenly!!!  And, it got me to thinking........hmmm.....What if we had sunshine 365 days a year?  Would we appreciate its beauty?  Would we get tired of seeing the sun, squinting while driving, or feeling the heat of the day constantly?  I believe some of us would get tired of the constant light, heat and/or beauty - while others would bask in it and soak up every ray of sunshine!!!  Which would you choose?

And, ponder this question:  What exactly IS everlasting??  The dictionary definition is lasting forever, immortal, eternal, and/or perpetual.  Ahhh....that makes sense now!  Everlasting Son-shine! What if we let the Son of God shine in our hearts to others everyday?  What if we let love rule in our driving, our homes, our work place, our churches, our families, our children, our sports activities, our relationships?  Yep, every relationship!  (Even our Ex-husbands or wives....LOL) 
Our world would certainly be quite different than what it is right now......

Consider this:  Can you create an everlasting attitude?  You betcha!  It is a perpetual decision! 
Every day, every task, every chore, every way we interact with another human being.
We can choose to offer love, joy, friendship, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, mercy, and grace to others each moment that we are alive - it is a choice!  Did you know these are the fruits of the Holy Spirit?  So yes, absolutely, we can choose everlasting attributes to live by - especially the more we get to know His Son!!!  (Read Galatians 5:22.)

Did you know we can choose to think about what is true, right, noble, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent and/or praiseworthy?  Yep!  (Read Philippians 4:8.)  We can choose to focus on these characteristics, too!  And, if we become aware of the incredible consequences, we might just choose differently tomorrow....think about it!

We have an everlasting God who offers us so much beauty, so much grace, so much everlasting sunshine in our hearts as well as the light of His Son's love - how can we choose any differently???

Wow!  This everlasting sunshine concept creates such joyful optimism in my heart....yes, I know I see through Rose-colored glasses sometimes, but just imagine!!!  We have an opportunity to change someone else's outlook on this life!  Offer someone everlasting sunshine the next time you are irritated at the grocery store because they are being too slow or are on their cell phone while checking out!!!  We all have those pet peeves where we get so caught up in our selves that we forget to consider the options of extending grace to another person....consider a new reaction!!!

And, the next time you are choosing some body wash, try the Passion Flowers and Vanilla isle!  It just might perk up your world and give you some unexpected everlasting sunshine!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Balance....finding equilibrium.....finding a balance between to opposing forces....finding if your check book has equality of totals on the debit and credit side of your account!
Such a definition is great in the pragmatic and practical sense!  And yet, it doesn't come close to what my heart says balance is!  Finding my balance.......hmmm.... how does one do that?

The messiness of life brings about decisions all the day long as to whether you spend your time doing this task or that task - laundry or vacumming?  Gardening or cleaning?  Swinging on the porch swing or spending time creating a menu?  What sorts out the messiness in your life?  What brings you balance?  An equality of work versus play?  Time spent at work or time spent with loved ones?  Time is so precious and yet, we constantly have to balance how we use the time that God has given us.  All of us have the same 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That is 168 hours!  How will you use yours this week?

I must ask the question:  Do you have balance in your life?  Would you say you have equilibrium in the areas you want to have equilibrium?  How do you find balance if you are OUT of balance?  What do you do to bring balance into your corner of the world - or does it matter to you?

I had a wonderful friend once named, Sherry, who seemed to be the most balanced person I knew!  Sherry was a nurse, a counselor, a daughter, a sister, a full-time employee, an inspirational speaker and a dear friend.  She seemed to find time for just the right thing at just the right moment all the time!  She had a sense of what was important to focus on each minute and did not get flustered or "stressed out" by so many of the things that I let myself stew over....why is that?  How can one person know exactly where they want to be and another not have a clue?  I think it all has to do with where your center is....where your focus is....where your priorities are....and years of practice!!! 

As I have contemplated her approach to life over the years and listened to her sage advice, I have found that if I sit down and ask myself - what IS important?  And, if I take the time to really think about what is important that helps me prioritize those important tasks, duties and activities that I am responsible for each day.  Also, knowing how much the people in my life mean to me, I make an intentional effort to spend time with those I love.  I schedule that day for coffee or lunch, I send that note to a friend in another city, I take the time to send a birthday card, email, text or eCard so that they know I am thinking about them!  Or, better yet, I call them and hear their voice which is the icing on the cake!

As I move through the day, at work or while doing something fun, I allow myself the luxury of expressing my gratitude for each person and task in my life.  Yes, even the dishes!  Over the years, my balance has grown more clear and intentional.  I find I do take the time to do what is necessary and I take the time to play!  I find the time to have fun, to enjoy planting those purple pansies of Spring, and to look at the colors of the sunset or the full moon! 

Finally, my faith is what gives me my balance, my center, and my life!  God provides what I need each moment of the day, if only I will listen to His sage advice!!!   Faith can move can offer you the balance from a world torn with many difficulties, anxieties and urgent requests of our can give you the luxury of knowing that the Creator of the Universe wants us to find balance, to find time to experience His Peace, to give Him the glory for this gift called life, and to spread His love....can you allow yourself that luxury today???