Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Reverie........have you ever thought about what that means???  A daydream, an abstract musing or fantasy, to ponder, to think, meditate or reflect upon something or someone,
to be in a state of dreaminess....ahhh..........why not?

Claude Debussy has an exquisite piece of piano music called "Reverie" that is so sweet, so beautiful, so soothing that it lulls the pianist into a state of daydreaming while playing the piece.  It bring peacefulness, rest, hopeful longings or memories of days gone by.  It is graceful and delicate and brings about sense of refinement.....it lingers in your heart and mind all day if you allow it to do so.

What causes you to ponder something in your life?  What preoccupies your mind?  Your heart?  Your soul?  What brings tranquility to you?  Thoughts have an incredible power in our lives - they allow us to laugh or cry, be angry or compassionate, to hold our feelings inside or to be vulnerable, and to react or respond.....Why not allow reverie to enter your thoughts and mind for a minute, a day, a lifetime?  Meditating may allow you to release on old locked up feeling or experience from the past.  Reflection upon an idea that comes to your mind may allow you to create something beautiful, meaningful and important that this world needs. 

Allow yourself time to ponder, to think, to reflect and to feel that reverie........that awe or sense of wonder that comes from time to time.  Allow yourself to imagine something new for yourself! 

Our thoughts are powerful......they can be used for incredibly good causes or to clear the air.  Be mindful of how your thoughts progress from one thought to another.  Observe yourself for a day or an hour.  See how your mind flutters from one idea to the next.  Pick one idea and spend time in reverie........you will feel a sense of calm that you may not have had in a long while........or perhaps never allowed yourself to have before in your life!

Go in peace........go in love.......go in reverie!

Friday, February 22, 2013


SNOW - beautiful snow..............have you ever seen it fall so fast as we did in KC yesterday???  Wow!  12-15 inches in the span of about 4 or 5 hours...........it was beautiful!
Solid precipitation, white, and translucent ice crystals abound!!!  And, I am so grateful to be home watching it instead of driving in it, too...........

Barbra Streisand has a beautiful "Christmas Lullaby" song which not only has a beautiful melody, but has lyrics which are exquisite as well....they have stayed with me ever since I heard the song several years ago............."This is a Christmas lullaby, for someone lovely as snow falling...."  And, I have thought ever since I heard the words the first time that I would like to be that kind of person....snow falling is lovely, beautiful, quiet, charming, delightful, graceful.....ahhh....to have those kind of qualities would be lovely!

If you haven't ever had the chance to sit and watch the snow fall, try it........spend 15 minutes quietly, watching and allow it to change your perspective....be mindful how it falls on your yard, covering the ground with its white crystals........see it sparkle in the sunlight.....watch it glisten on your windows....watch your dog romp in it....bundle up and go out and throw a snowball at your son or your neighbor shoveling their driveway!!!  Make a snowman or create an igloo - my sister, Debbie used to make the most amazing igloos when we were kids in Akron, Ohio!!!  I don't remember how she did it, but we sure had fun in them!!!  They were amazing......and so is she!!!  (Thanks, Debbie.....)

If you are snowbound and stuck inside due to too much snow - enjoy it!  You cannot change it for a day or two, so let yourself have some FUN!  Go on..........go outside and enjoy it!  Taste it, shovel it, play in it, and make a snow angel....remember all the fun you had as a kid???  Bring a bowl outside with you and fill it up with snow, then go inside and add food coloring to it!  Make your own snowcones - why not??? 
Sit in a snowdrift - it is a bank of snow that is just waiting for someone to pounce on it!!! (Be careful though....no broken bones allowed here!)

Finally, have you ever seen a snowdrop flower???  It is an early blooming plant with nodding white flowers.........nodding........hmmm.....why don't you nod yes, and think about the beauty of such a flower!  I am going to try to find some to plant this spring - how about you???

Snow - glorious snow!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Be a Sweetheart...

A dear friend of mine, named Herb gave me this little newspaper clipping years ago on St. Valentine's Day and I have kept it circulating every year in his honor.  He clipped it out of the Dear Abby section of the KC Star and here it is for you....

Dear Readers:  Tomorrow is St. Valentine's Day, so be a  sweetheart and call someone you love and say, "I love you."  (Make two or three calls.  Who says you can't love more than one person --in different ways, of course?)
Go through your closets and give all those clothes you've been saving until you lose 10 pounds to your favorite charity (Women's Employment Network, KC, MO?).  Call someone who's lonely and say, "I'm thinking of you."  Or better yet, say, "I'll be over tomorrow to take you to lunch....or run some errands....or give you a ride."
Visit a sick friend.  Say a prayer.  Donate some blood.  Adopt a pet. Will your eyes, your kidneys and all your usable organs to someone who can use them after you're gone.  Forgive an enemy.  Hug your teen-ager.  Write a fan letter. Listen to a bore.  Pay your doctor.  Tell your parents you think they're wonderful.  Spay your dog.  Neuter your cat.  Quit smoking.  Drive carefully.  If you're walking, watch where you're going.
And, don't wait until next year to be a sweetheart again.  Love, Abby, Herb and Pam

And, here is another good one for you:
H*U*G*S (Author Unknown)
It's wondrous what a hug can do.  A hug can cheer you when you're blue.  A hug can say, "I love you so," or "Gee! I hate to see you go."
A hug is, "Welcome back again!" And, "Great to see you!" or "Where've you been?"
A hug can soothe a small child's pain and bring a rainbow after the rain.
The hug!  There's just no doubt about it.  We scarcely could survive without it.  A hug delights and warms and charms.  It must be why God gave us arms....
Hugs are for fathers and mothers, Sweet sisters, swell for brothers, and changes are some favorite aunts love them more than potted plants.
Kittens crave them.  Puppies love them.  Heads of state are not above them.  A hug can break the language barrier and make the dullest day seem merrier.
No need to fret about the store of 'em.  The more you give, the more there are of 'em.
So stretch those arms without delay and give someone a hug today!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Somewhere Over the Rainbow.....

Remember Judy Garland singing "Over the Rainbow" in the Wizard of Oz?  Well, here is an absolutely stunning video with this song as instrumental music in the background........please sit back, relax and ENJOY!!!

Here are the words to the song, too!

(Music by  Harold Arlen and Lyrics by E.Y. Harburg)
Somewhere over the rainbow way up high,
There's a land that we heard of once in a lullaby.
Somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue,
And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.
Someday I'll wish upon a start and wake up where the clouds are far behind me,
Where troubles melt like lemon drops, away above the chimney tops that's where you'll find me.
Somewhere over the rainbow bluebirds fly,
Birds fly over the rainbow, why then, oh why can't I?
If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow, why oh why can't I???

(Remember, dreams really DO come true!! And, remember that God sends us rainbows to remind us that He has an everlasting covenant with all livings creatures of every kind on earth.......watch for the rainbows in the clouds!!)

This short video won Grand Prize - Best of Show at International Wildlife Film Festival in Missoula Montana. The majority was shot on location in Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park and The National Elk Refuge in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.