Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Reverie........have you ever thought about what that means???  A daydream, an abstract musing or fantasy, to ponder, to think, meditate or reflect upon something or someone,
to be in a state of dreaminess....ahhh..........why not?

Claude Debussy has an exquisite piece of piano music called "Reverie" that is so sweet, so beautiful, so soothing that it lulls the pianist into a state of daydreaming while playing the piece.  It bring peacefulness, rest, hopeful longings or memories of days gone by.  It is graceful and delicate and brings about sense of refinement.....it lingers in your heart and mind all day if you allow it to do so.

What causes you to ponder something in your life?  What preoccupies your mind?  Your heart?  Your soul?  What brings tranquility to you?  Thoughts have an incredible power in our lives - they allow us to laugh or cry, be angry or compassionate, to hold our feelings inside or to be vulnerable, and to react or respond.....Why not allow reverie to enter your thoughts and mind for a minute, a day, a lifetime?  Meditating may allow you to release on old locked up feeling or experience from the past.  Reflection upon an idea that comes to your mind may allow you to create something beautiful, meaningful and important that this world needs. 

Allow yourself time to ponder, to think, to reflect and to feel that reverie........that awe or sense of wonder that comes from time to time.  Allow yourself to imagine something new for yourself! 

Our thoughts are powerful......they can be used for incredibly good causes or to clear the air.  Be mindful of how your thoughts progress from one thought to another.  Observe yourself for a day or an hour.  See how your mind flutters from one idea to the next.  Pick one idea and spend time in reverie........you will feel a sense of calm that you may not have had in a long while........or perhaps never allowed yourself to have before in your life!

Go in peace........go in love.......go in reverie!

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