Friday, February 22, 2013


SNOW - beautiful snow..............have you ever seen it fall so fast as we did in KC yesterday???  Wow!  12-15 inches in the span of about 4 or 5 was beautiful!
Solid precipitation, white, and translucent ice crystals abound!!!  And, I am so grateful to be home watching it instead of driving in it, too...........

Barbra Streisand has a beautiful "Christmas Lullaby" song which not only has a beautiful melody, but has lyrics which are exquisite as well....they have stayed with me ever since I heard the song several years ago............."This is a Christmas lullaby, for someone lovely as snow falling...."  And, I have thought ever since I heard the words the first time that I would like to be that kind of person....snow falling is lovely, beautiful, quiet, charming, delightful, have those kind of qualities would be lovely!

If you haven't ever had the chance to sit and watch the snow fall, try it........spend 15 minutes quietly, watching and allow it to change your mindful how it falls on your yard, covering the ground with its white crystals........see it sparkle in the it glisten on your your dog romp in it....bundle up and go out and throw a snowball at your son or your neighbor shoveling their driveway!!!  Make a snowman or create an igloo - my sister, Debbie used to make the most amazing igloos when we were kids in Akron, Ohio!!!  I don't remember how she did it, but we sure had fun in them!!!  They were amazing......and so is she!!!  (Thanks, Debbie.....)

If you are snowbound and stuck inside due to too much snow - enjoy it!  You cannot change it for a day or two, so let yourself have some FUN!  Go on..........go outside and enjoy it!  Taste it, shovel it, play in it, and make a snow angel....remember all the fun you had as a kid???  Bring a bowl outside with you and fill it up with snow, then go inside and add food coloring to it!  Make your own snowcones - why not??? 
Sit in a snowdrift - it is a bank of snow that is just waiting for someone to pounce on it!!! (Be careful broken bones allowed here!)

Finally, have you ever seen a snowdrop flower???  It is an early blooming plant with nodding white flowers.........nodding........hmmm.....why don't you nod yes, and think about the beauty of such a flower!  I am going to try to find some to plant this spring - how about you???

Snow - glorious snow!!!

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