Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Strength - Where do you receive your strength from???

Strength - What gives you strength?  Inspires you?  Makes you determined?

Is it praying or reading something inspirational daily?  Listening to inspirational CD's or a favorite author's words of wisdom?  What about the Bible, Torah or Kuran?  Do you find strength there?

Is it working out at the gym each day?   Going for a rigorous walk?  Taking a Yoga class?

Does your family give you strength?  Your children?  Your spouse?
Are YOU the pillar of strength for your family?  Does having a strong faith give you strength?

What motivates you or gives you the strength to finish a difficult task or job?

From the dictionary, strength is the state, quality or property of being strong.....hmmm.....where do you receive your strength or power from???  Do you have the power to resist force or stress???  Is your source of strength from many areas of your life or just one?

Is being strong always necessary?  Is strength a powerful force that permeates your life?  Are your strengths in being compassionate, loving, caring? 

What about being consistently near perfection in one area?  Does that make you strong or show that you have a strength in one specific area?

What about moral courage?  Are you strong in that area?  Are you determined?  Do you exhibit a sense of intensity that others do not seem to have?

What about quite confidence - do you gain strength from being still???
Think about it.......What gives you strength?.........Or, do you give strength to others?

It's worth reflecting upon.....find your strength and share it with those you love!!!

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