Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Sacred - who or what is sacred to you?
Consider these thoughts...
Is it having God, a Higher Power or the Universe as your center?
Is it the Holy Sacrament of taking communion or the Eucarist?
Is it standing on Holy Ground in Sedona, Arizona?
Is it holding your grandchild in your arms and rocking him/her to sleep?
Is it the breathtaking view at the top of a mountain top?
Is it the sound of the ocean or the feel of the sand running between your toes?
Is it reading the Holy Scriptures?  Or, is it spending time being mindful about God or nature?
Is it knowing that God is right by your side?
Is it feeling the Divine presence as close as your breath?

Take a few deep breaths now and allow yourself to feel and sense the Divine all around you!!!
Allow yourself to be completely absorbed by this special time...........

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