Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Expressing Emotions....

How do you express emotions? Did you know that emotions are heaven sent?  YES! A gift from God!

Do you feel that it is okay to show how you feel?  When?  How often? Where - everywhere???  Is it okay to ask for what you need?  Absolutely!!!  If you need a hug - ask for one!  If you need a shoulder to cry on - don't hesitate to call a friend or loved one and let them know!  Did you know we all need 12 hugs per day to be healthy???

Are you comfortable showing your emotions?  Are you comfortable when others show their emotions?  Did you know that tears cleanse the soul?  Did you know that laughter replenishes your heart?  

Do you believe expression of emotions is a form of communication?   When was the last time you laughed?  Really laughed?  Yes, a big belly laugh!  Try it - it's amazing!  Keep a humor journal or a file of your favorite cartoons - send one to a friend!  Laugh with someone you love.......enjoy watching the other person laugh until they cry!!!

Can you learn to emote or express your emotions if they have been suppressed most of your life?  You bet!

Show how you feel on a regular basis!  SMILE!!!  It is good for the soul, and everyone around you will wonder what you are up to!!!

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