Saturday, August 20, 2011


Think about what and who you surround yourself with each day....have you created a place of repose where you can sit and truly unwind?  Think about surrounding yourself with those little things that make you smile - a photograph, a card, a plaque with your favorite saying on it, a wall hanging, a bible verse, a book, your favorite tablecloth, a feather............Then, ask the people who bring you joy to stop over for a cup of coffee or tea.  Ask someone over with whom you can laugh with - that's right a big, belly laugh! 

Consider creating a sacred place just for you somewhere in your house!
Surround yourself with the items that remind you most of the people and places you love!  Remember that candle your best friend gave you?  Or, a glass figurine from your childhood?  A pillow you can lay your head on?  A special comforter or throw blanket to keep you warm?  A room where the sun shines beautifully on the book you are reading?  Create a space where you can relax, unwind and let the cares of this world disappear....

Consider it, contemplate it, then create it!

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