Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bunches and bunches....

Bunches and bunches........have you ever told anyone you loved them like that???  If so, that is awesome!  If not, try it!  

A bunch means in a group or cluster......maybe even a tuft!  What is a tuft, you say?  Something held closely or growing close together....hmmm....love can be like that, right?

Did you ever gather a bunch of dandelions to give to your mom when you were little?  Or, did you receive a bunch of flowers on Valentine's Day in high school from that awkward boy who you had a crush on?  How about your hubby or your sister or a dear friend - has he/she ever given you a "bunch" of daisies to make you feel better when you were blue?  If not, buy yourself a bunch!  Daisies, roses, carnations, lillies, tulips or whatever "bunch" of flowers that you love - whether it is inexpensive or outrageously expensive (if you can afford it) BUY it for yourself and enjoy them...........

If you have never had that happen to you before or done that for yourself  or others before - Indeed!  Do it today!  You will reap the benefit of giving to yourself and/or others a "bunch" of LOVE!  Plus, it is just plain fun to give and/or receive!

One other thought:  have you thought about gathering a bunch of giggles??? Yep, that's right.....fun and laughter.........have a giggle fest!  Gather as many "bunches" of giggles and spread the fun!

Also, gather whatever items you might have lots of and spread the idea of "bunches and bunches" to someone else!  Hugs, kisses, chocolate hershey kisses, marshmellows - whatever suits your fancy and give yourself or someone YOU love a "bunch" today!  Sprinkle or splash that joy on those around you and see how good you feel afterwards!!!

Lighten up!  Have some fun and remember to say....I love you bunches and bunches!!!

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