Saturday, December 29, 2012


Absorb the beauty around you.  Look left, then right...look up, then down - soak it in! 
Give your full attention to the dawn of a new the ending of a peaceful day.........
Beauty is all around us if only we will open our eyes and see. 

Have you noticed how beautiful your child's eyes are lately?  If you are not a parent, what about your pet's eyes or your neighbor's eyes?   They shine with love each moment you give them attention.

Have you noticed how beautiful the full moon is recently?  When was the last time you stopped and gazed at something extraordinary? 

Take the time to slow down and smell those proverbial roses or perhaps a buy a real one for yourself.  Watch its petals unfold......smell the fragrance it exudes........feel the softness of its velvet upon your cheek.  Absorb its exquisite beauty into your soul.

Become engrossed.......become the snow fall........catch a snowflake!There are nuances of beauty all around you...if only we will look for them, take time to notice them - show them to a friend. 

Give your full attention to noticing beautiful things around you each day, each moment.  Allow beauty to soak into your pores.......your heart.....your soul.

Look up into the night sky and sigh.....the beauty is yours to behold!

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