Sunday, November 3, 2013

Chatter with the Angels....

I went to the most wonderful music concert today with The William Baker Festival Singers at the Grace and Holy Trinity Church in Kansas City.  The music was not only exquisite, but the ambiance and acoustics were fantastic!  This KC cathedral exudes the Spirit of God from the beautiful story of Christ portrayed through the stained glass windows, the gold filament doves embedded in the decor and the gothic architecture that points to the Heavens - the music filled the air in this lovely sanctuary and our filled hearts and souls!

One of the American Spiritual songs they sang was arranged by Branden Waddles called:  Ride the Chariot.  The entire concert was sung A Capella (which means vocal music without instruments), however, the very last song was enhanced by an excellent pianist who played the music with all the old fashioned gospel music rhythms!!!  It was so much fun to watch the Festival singers and listen to see how the music shown through these singers, the conductor and the ultimately, the audience tapping our toes to the soulful music!!  What a lovely experience!!!

One of the lines in the last song says:  "Chatter with the angels soon-a in the morning...."
Do you know what Chatter means?  I had to look it up!  We all know what "chat" means:  to converse in an easy or informal manner.  But, "Chatter?"  Chatter means to utter inarticulate speechlike talk rapidly, incessantly, or inanely, or to "click" together quickly, as the teeth from cold.   And, to "Chatter with the Angels?"  Ahhh........what a lovely thought!

Think about that!  "Inarticulate speechlike sounds...."  Chatter is right!  Sometimes, we are moved to tears with inarticulate sounds when we experience the Presence of God.  Sometimes, our prayers are not utterable  - we do not have the words - because we are so deeply moved.  When was the last time you were moved to tears?  Or, could not speak a word?  Or, felt the Presence of God?  Or, needed the Holy Spirit to pray for you because there were no words you could speak?

Chatter with the THAT is where I want to be the rest of this day!!!
What a lovely experience..........thank you, Lord!!!

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