Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snow angels....

Snow angels and igloos are in the making today...........snow coming down at one inch per hour, blowing winds, cold temperatures and beauty surrounding us as we watch this incredible gift from God!
When was the last time YOU made a snow angel???  Or, have you ever tried making an igloo??? 
No, we don't live in Alaska, nor do we live in one, but they sure are fun to remember!!!

Components of snow angels?  Simple!  Go outside dressed in warm layers of snow gear and lay down in the freshly falling snow.  Then, wave your arms from your sides to the top of your head and your legs from a straight leg position to each side and voila!  A snow angel appears in your yard or the nearest park!  As kids, my two sisters and brother lived in Akron, Ohio and we loved making snow angels in the snow! 

Igloos?  My oldest sister could make the most wonderful igloos, too!  She would pile up the snow to make a mound, then tunnel through the middle and core out the inside of the mound so that we could sit inside!  It was one of the coolest things since sliced bread!  It was an amazing experience as a little sister.........fun, fun, fun!!!

Snow - ahhh - it is so beautiful to watch!!!  Translucent/white ice crystals everywhere!  Take a peek out your window today in Kansas and you will be amazed at how much snow is falling!!!  I am grateful that I work from my home and can sit by my window and look out upon such beauty, such softness, such quietness and feel blessed by our Heavenly Father....I pray that you may be able to safely enjoy this beauty as well today.

Let's contemplate one step further:  Angels.......immortal beings attendant upon God....think about that - how many angels do you think surround us each day?  I wish I knew the answer to that question, but I am certain we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses!  Look up Hebrews 12:1 - there are many jewels there to ponder!

Also, think about this:  some people in our lives represent angels to us........those special human beings who are kind and loving........who show up just at the right moment when your steam runs out or your level of exasperation runs high.  A friend who knows to bring you a cup of hot tea or soup when you are not feeling well, or just comes over to share an hour with you and enjoy each other's company.  Angels really do surround us - both human and divine!  Watch for them.....wait for them......listen for them.......they are near! 

Or, perhaps, you can be an angel for someone else today - where do you see someone in need of tender, loving care???  Wherever that is, I hope you will put on your angel wings and/or snow gear and go outside and have some fun!!!

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