Thursday, April 30, 2015

Always remember....

I saw a sign tonight in a magazine that said the following:
Always remember
You are
Braver than you believe,
Stronger than you seem,
Smarter than you think!!!
Pretty apropo, wouldn't you say?  Think about how many times you second guess yourself.
"Perhaps I shouldn't do such and such...."  or "Maybe I am not as smart as my co-worker, friend, sibling, spouse, so I shouldn't do _________" or "I could never do that!"
We talk ourselves out of taking part in an activity because we don't think we can or because we don't believe we have the talent or where-with-all to go the long distance to accomplish a specific task, or because we have never tried such and such.  Yet.  What makes us second guess our abilities, talents and perseverance?  That little voice in our head or is there a voice from long ago who told you that you couldn't, wouldn't, or shouldn't?
Do you remember the movie called The Help?  It was brought out to the movie theatres in 2011 and it was wonderful!!!  A slogan by Aibileen Clark from the main theme in the movie is:
"You is kind
 You is smart,
 You is important."
Do you believe that about yourself?  If not, have you ever asked your why or why not?  Go back to that memory - whether it is from childhood, young adulthood  or just yesterday that got stuck in your brain or subconscious that said:  "Nope!  I can't do that!  Or, "I am not good enough" or "there's no way I can complete that daunting task." 
Somewhere down deep there is a reservoir that says you "can!"  You may just have to muster up enough gumption to prove it to yourself!  Or prove it to your boss, a neighbor, or a parent that is no longer able to tell you that you "can't...."  Some of those old memories are just flat wrong!  Some may have been right back then, but what about the adage:  "Try, try, try again?"  Or, "Practice makes perfect!"  Or, "Wow, maybe I can accomplish this in my life!"
We have so many wonderful traits, attributes and abilities that lay dormant because of an old thought pattern or emotion that is "stuck" in our subconscious or unconsciousness.  The next time you hear that old voice in your head saying no, stop and say "YES!  Maybe!  or "Absolutely I can!!!"
Joyce Meyer has a wonderful slogan that says:
"Miracles come in CANS:  "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!"
One of my favorite scriptures is exactly that last part of her slogan:  Philippians 4:13.  Look it up.  Read it often.  Memorize it.  Say it out loud to yourself every morning until you believe it!!!
And, always remember you are braver, stronger and smarter than you thought yesterday....

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