Saturday, February 27, 2016

Take Notice!!!

I have a challenge for us all.  For one month, take notice of the following - one or all of them!!!

1)  WWRT?  What went right today???
2)  Kindness - random acts of kindness - notice them and do them
3)  Acts of Generosity - notice and take part
4)  Profound beauty - notice the amazing sights and sounds around you in creation
5)  What God HAS done for you?
6)  Situations resolved
7)  Positive side
8)  Reflect on God's Sovereignty
9)  Wonders of God
10) I am thankful for ____________

Which one will YOU focus on for the entire month of March???

Blessings abound and surprises await you every single day.........write back what you find!!!

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