Friday, July 1, 2016

Witnessing young love...

Have you ever been in love?  Has your heart ever felt like it was shooting stars?  Have you ever walked on air or felt like you were dreaming?  Have you ever touched the moonlight and felt like you were holding heaven in your arms?  I have.  And, I just witnessed it this past weekend with my nephew and his new bride in Ohio....

There is a beautiful song that Celine Dion sang back in the 1990's or in early 2000 called:  "Have you ever been in love."  I used to listen to it over and over and over again as I drove down Shawnee Mission Parkway to the Plaza while my hand reached up through my moon roof on my car.  I felt like I was touching the moon and stars....I was in love.  A rare kind of love that only happens once in a lifetime as the fairy tales tell of and yet it was real.  A kind of love that makes your heart sing and you really do feel like you are walking on air!

Way back in the 1950's musical world, Rogers and Hammerstein composed a song from The King and I production called:  "Hello, Young Lovers."  It's all about a person who witnesses a young couple whose parents don't believe they should be in love and yet, their love is unstoppable.  And, reflecting on his/her own experience of love, they knew that kind of love in their life.  Here are a few of the words from that song:
"Hello, young lovers, whoever you are, I hope your troubles are few;
All my good wishes go with you tonight, I've been in love like you.

Be brave, young lovers, and follow your star,
Be brave and faithful and true.
Cling very close to each other tonight, I've been in love like you.

I know how it feels to have wings on your heals, and to fly down a street in a trance.
You fly down the street on a chance that you'll meet, and you meet not really by chance.

Don't cry young lovers, whatever you do,
don't cry because I'm alone.

All of my memories are happy tonight, I've had a love of my own,
I've had a love of my own like yours, I've had a love of my own."

Ahhh....yes, the hopeless romantic in me is alive and well!  And, I hope somewhere down deep in your heart and soul that you have experienced this deep, abiding kind of love for someone.  It is truly amazing!!!

My prayers are that Devin and Danielle will continue to deepen their love for one another through the years and grow stronger together every day.  I pray that they will ask the Lord to help them each day to love, honor and cherish one another and to keep the precious love that they just committed to in marriage on June 25, 2016.  I pray that they will rely on the Lord to hold them together for the next 50-60 years so that they will never let the cares of this world or the trials and tribulations they will encounter tear them apart.  Ever.

Weddings are a sacred occasion, a joining together of two lives being witnessed by all who attend.  As this summer rolls along, if you have an opportunity to attend a wedding, I hope you will pray for that couple and their love.  Pray that they will indeed ask the Lord to be the third cord or strand between them that will hold them together forever.  It is a sacred love.  One worth holding on to and fighting for....all the days of your life!!!  Congratulations, Devin and Danielle!!!

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