Wednesday, May 16, 2012


What do you believe?  About yourself?  About life?  About love?  Melody Beattie has taught me so much through her book:  Journey to the Heart.  If you believe that you have to fight your way through this world, you will....If you believe that God's love surrounds you, it does!  If you value yourself enough to take good care of yourself, you will. 

Surround yourself with positive people, loving people, and beautiful things!  Absorb the beauty of this world:  catch a sunrise or sunset and just savor a mother duck with her baby ducklings cross a pond....plant your garden, water your flowers and watch them grow!

My mom used to live by the saying:  BLOOM WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED!  It's true!  We are each growing and changing every minute!!!  Allow yourself to blossom by giving away your friendship and love....find someone who really needs a visit from a friend and go!  Don't is all we have.

Melody teaches that our beliefs about what we deserve and who God is will change as we journey through this adventure called life!  Start that journey and BELIEVE in yourself, life, and love!!!  It is all around you, IF you will open your eyes and your heart!!!

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