Saturday, June 2, 2012

Healing... do you heal a broken heart?  How can you restore that which you feel is lost, gone or dissolved?  How can one return to a place of health and wholeness in your heart?  How can one set aright the fracture lines that cannot be seen?  It is not easy nor a quick process.  Healing is definitely a long moment at at time, one day at a time.  There are many things in this life which are difficult to navigate and healing a broken heart is one of them.  Over time, with love, care and compassion the fracture lines begin to heal and mend.  Allow yourself time to grieve........allow yourself to cry and shed all the tears your heart needs to so that you may feel whole again.   Each heart heals in its own time as we nurture and care for ourselves and grieve the loss which has occurred - no two hearts are alike.

A broken wrist may heal in six weeks, however, a broken heart does not.  Mending a broken heart does not happen overnight or over a specific course of time such as six weeks, six months or six years.  But know that it will heal.  Allow yourself to place your fingers over the break lines when necessary and then, take the time to mend those broken lines.  Go deep within your heart to see what hurts - Release the hurt, acknowledge the betrayal, bury the broken dream...and then, as Melody Beattie so eloquently says in her Journey to the Heart book:  "Lightly, gently with love, rub a golden layer of forgiveness and love around your heart."  Forgiveness heals many break lines if only we will choose to forgive.  Healing comes in stages.  Comfort yourself when needed, wrap yourself in a warm blanket, take a hot bath, go outside and feel the sunshine, allow yourself to feel hope.  Emily Dickinson has a beautiful message of hope:  "Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in your soul, and sings the song without the words and never stops at all."   Beautiful - that is what hope is, that is what healing does - it brings you hope for a brighter day and that day is today.

Become willing to heal your heart and know that love surrounds you each moment.  Give yourself the gift of healing your heart with love.....Feel that love from your family, from friends, from those in your life who support you and most of all from God.

Allow God to bring you the comfort that only HE can give........feel His Divine Presence near you and draw near to Him.  The Holy Scriptures tell us the He heals the brokenhearted........allow Him to heal yours.

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