Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Become Awestruck...

Become awestruck.....how do you do that???  Take a tender moment and look at something beautiful in nature.  That's it....stoop down and literally smell the roses, flowers, or daisies blooming in your garden or one that you visit!

Do you see the little tiny, yellow disk in the middle of a Daisy?  Imagine what it took to create such beauty!  Take a peek at the lovely Purple Bearded Iris - what incredible imagination that took to make!  See the small petals of lilacs and smell the wonderful aroma of their scent!  Pick a bouquet and enjoy them for several days!  Take them to a neighbor and see the smile on their faces....Have you ever seen an entire field of coral orange Calalillies?  They are exquisite!

Imagine stopping along the highway to watch a meadow full of baby sheep frolicking through the field - such fun to watch!  Or, imagine seeing real bluebirds at the park you walk in - such a brilliant blue that it takes your breath away!  Or, imagine touching the soft fur of a small bunny...wow!  Have you ever thought about a Zebra - are they white with black stripes or black with white stripes?  What about the originality of a rainbow?  Seven colors in the exact order like a color wheel.......imagine creating such delight!  Or, surround yourself with the colors of a sunset........hues of red, orange and yellow turning to pink and purple as the sun sets.  

What lovely pictures these images bring to mind....capture the essence of the creator in the gifts of nature.  Stop along the way and take it all in........don't miss a single drop of beauty!
Take a deep breath and realize that beauty is within you as well........

Feel the awe........feel the wonder........enjoy the gift!

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