Monday, July 30, 2012

Take a Journey Today..........

Take a Journey today.......have you ever thought of that concept as you wake in the morning?  What is a journey?  Do you have to travel far to go on a journey?  Do you need a lot of money to go on a journey today?  No.  A journey is to travel from one place to another.  That means right in your own living room, if necessary!  You do not have to take an expensive trip to go on a journey!

My mom never went to the grocery store the same way.  Seriously!  She would wander her way to the store going on street to street looking for a tree that was in bloom today that wasn't yesterday...or she would look for a neighbor's garden which was bursting with colors today that were not there yesterday!  Imagine - what would life be life if we took a journey every day???

You can take a journey through books, through pictures, through videos or photographs,
through experiences you have had, through a new craft your want to explore, through a new friendship you hope to have - whatever you can imagine - that is where you may take a journey from one place to another!  Today's technology is such that each of us can journey to a foreign country by internet, if we choose.  Imagine exploring a new country every week or month!  You could travel the world without spending a dime!!!

Life is definitely a journey, not a destination.  We may find ourselves in one spot due to health reasons or finances, but that does not mean we are land-locked!  We have an entire universe to explore out there - take advantage of the tools our world offers and go exploring TODAY!!!!

Why wait???  Go on.......get started on your journey today!
And, rememberto ENJOY the journey!!!

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