Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Gift of Gentleness....

I bought a card to send to my sister that says:
"Give yourself the gift of gentleness today..." 

It made me think - what is gentleness???  Softness, kindness, something easily managed,  easily handled, being considerate - not harsh, not severe - nothing but ease...and flowing from the heart???

What is your definition of gentleness?  It is a soft touch from someone you love?  Is it the warmth of a friend's hand while waiting in the doctor's office?  Is it the way you touch a baby, a bird, or a bunny?  Is it the feeling of a feather on your cheek?  Or a warm breeze upon your face?  How would you describe gentleness?

Do you offer gentleness to others?  To your children?  Your elderly parent?  Yourself???
Think about it - when do you stop to consider being gentle to another human being?  Or does it come naturally for you?  

Where do you find gentleness?  Look around.  See the beauty and gentleness with which a new day is truly amazing to look for gentleness throughout the day.  It will change your mood, your outlook on life, your perspective.

Give yourself the gift of gentleness today!

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