Monday, August 20, 2012

Rainbows after the rain......

Ahh.........Rainbows after the rain are certainly beautiful to catch a view of....peaceful, serene, glorious!

What is a rainbow?  A spectral arc of seven beautiful colors appearing in the sky opposite of the sun.....a result of the refractive dispersion of sunlight in the drops of rain or mist.........a display of God's incredible imagination and beauty!!!  Given just for us to view..........

Consider the splendor of colors:  red, orange, yellow, emerald green, aqua blue, indigo blue and violet........which is YOUR favorite color?  Which color makes you feel wonderful, alive, joyful???  Think about it!

What makes each of us reflect a specific color in our lives???  Have you ever thought about your wardrobe and if you choose specific hues time and again?  Or, what about the decor of your home?  Is there a theme that permiates your sacred space?

Do you reflect the color of God's love to others?  Does your friendship "disperse" throughout your corner of the world?  Is joy a display of raindrops or mist that splashes over to others in your life? 

How can your favorite "color" be used to reach out to those who may be hurting or lonely?  Can you spread a little cheer and color by sharing yourself with someone in need?  Flowers from your front yard or garden are always endearing! Or, how about a bow wrapped around a plate of homemade cookies or bread?

Think about someone in your life whose "color" has infused some joy in your life!  What was it that made them so special?  Was it that they represented the first colors of spring such as yellow and lavendar, or was it the burst of autumn in reds and oranges that drew you to them? 

Or, was it something in your life that brought back fond memories such as the fragrant smell of green grass being cut in summers past?  Or, sharing a glass of lemonade on a hot summer day?  Remember watching the clouds roll by as a little kid while laying in the grass?  And, don't forget the incredible shades of blue in a sky that doesn't have a cloud in it!

We have the gift of so many colors in our lives.......cherish them!  Watch for them!  Incorporate them into your soul and share them with someone you love!

A rainbow in the sky reminds us that God keeps His promises!!!
You are loved............go and enjoy the colors of your life!!!

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