Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Marvel.....to feel surprised, be amazed or wonder...........when was the last time you "marveled" at something?  Or, felt like you came across a phenomenon or miracle that you stood in awe of and wondered - how did that come into being???

I was reading a devotion today which spoke about the person who had gone to a retreat only to be instructed to leave the cabin where the attendees were staying in and to go "marveling!"  What a wonderful concept!!! 

Think about it!  Where would be the perfect place to explore and enjoy God's marvelous creation be to you?  Would it be a mountain retreat, a forest, a nearby lake, a beach, or a local park?  What would you find?  A feather, a beautiful leaf, an odd shaped branch from a tree, a seedpod, a wildflower, a dandelion, or a rock?  What would you choose to be mindful of and reflect upon for a sunny afternoon?

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, there are so many wonderful things to "marvel" at in this world, yet our lives are so busy that we miss them!  Honestly, anyone can go "marveling" anytime or anywhere - why not do that today?

There are brilliant red, orange, gold and pink sunsets to catch!  There are birds who sing a tune without our looking up once to see what kind of bird is singing!  There is air that smells so wonderful from the fresh cut grass your neighbor just mowed this weekend!  There are snowfalls and fluffy clouds that billow in the sky above and yet, when was the last time you tried to see what the clouds were forming in the sky???  There are new crocuses and daffodils that are blooming right before your eyes!  The signs of Spring are "in the air" and yet we disregard this beauty in lieu of getting to work on time!

What stories would the objects you find while out "marveling" tell?  Would they be ones your children will remember?  What if you spent an entire day "marveling" with someone you love?  What would you find?  What would you discover?  What would you celebrate and say thank you for and praise our incredible Creator for???  Read Psalm 139:14:  "Marvelous are your works!"  It is oh so true!!!

Go "marveling" and enjoy every minute - forget your worries and your cares!  Set aside your busyness and go on a journey of discovery!  You will "marvel" at what you find!!!

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