Monday, April 1, 2013

Never Leave a Wounded Lamb....

I read the most intriguing article this morning in Charles Stanley's In Touch magazine!  It was called:  Never Leave a Wounded Lamb....and of course in the scriptures, Jesus was the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!  The article was referring to those
people who used to go to church, but have wandered away for many reasons.  Jesus talks about feeding His sheep and lambs many times throughout the Bible.  The story of the lost sheep is one where the owner discovers that one of his sheep is missing.  He goes away, leaves the 99 sheep still in the fold and looks for the one missing.  Compelling isn't it?
Why would a sheep owner leave 99 sheep to find just one?  And, why should a church search out members who have drifted away from the church?  Or, why would a friend contact someone they haven't talked to in years?  Think about it.........who in your life have you lost touch with?  Is it because they or your feelings were hurt?  Is it because something was said in anger?  Was it because pride led the way and no one would say "uncle?"  Every person is important to God.  Every one.  So, why should we make judgements and tell others they are not important? Or, that their lifestyle isn't correct, or their choices wrong?  In the church, every part and every believer of the church body is necessary.  With our bodies, every part is important and needed.  Would we cut off our ear because it is a minor part of our body?  No, it is important though small, and necessary for us to hear. 

What part of your life have you cut off?  What friend do you no longer associate with?  What family member did you leave in the dust?  What church do you no longer go to because something was said to make you leave?

Are there wounds that need to be healed in your heart or another's that you know?  Would it be possible to put down that pride and approach that person?  Or tell someone how hurt you are and why you no longer come to church?  We all need grace sooner or later..........and most likely sooner!  Scripture tells us there is no condemnation in Christ, so why don't we call that brother or sister or friend or relative and ask them to lunch?  Why not reach out to someone who is hurting even though you may be as well?  Every missing lamb matters.
Every one.

Become a shepherd today and go out to search for that lost the one to make the decision to heal an old hurt.  Allow the love and mercy and grace of our incredible God to heal your heart today.......reach out......take a chance.......see if you cannot see the sunshine through that rainforest.....look for the rainbow!  It is just waiting for you to look up!!!

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