Friday, August 23, 2013


Have you given yourself an positive affirmation lately?  Asked yourself "What went right today?"  Or, said an "Oh My Gosh" or a "Praise the Lord" about something you accomplished recently?  If not, try it!!!

Affirmations are wonderful - they hit your heart right when you need them and make a dull day beautiful....affirmations are quick "pick-me-ups" you can add to your day to dispel fear, worry, anxiety or sometimes fatigue.  It can even cure morning sickness if you are pregnant (it did for me 18 years ago!!!).

Try doing this experiment every morning for the next week:  Pick five adjectives such as Wonderful, Amazing, Fantastic, Great, Fabulous.  Then, repeat each word 5 times before you get out of bed in the morning.  That's right - before you hit the floor running!!!  Give yourself a few extra minutes to lay in bed and watch the colors come into your room ( a friend of mine gave me that idea) and while your are watching the day begin, say these 5 adjectives to yourself and just see if you don't start feeling better soon!!!

There are many reasons to use positive affirmations for yourself, your kids, your spouse, your friends, your co-workers, and every one you come in contact with each day!!! They add a little zest to your life, gives you a little lilt in your step, and puts a smile on your face!  Smiling can dispel a whole bunch of yucky things in life!  Do you remember the movie "Patch Adams" with Robin Williams for the 1980's?  If not, go rent it or check it out of the library - or call me - I still have the VCR version and watch it.  Patch experiments with saying "hello" and smiling at people on campus while he was going to medical school.  What he found was amazing:  It works!!!  People smile back!!!  And, while some people may think your nuts, it will also give their day a lift.  And, if they laugh and giggle at you for being goofy- so what???  Doesn't this crazy world of our need a little more fun and laughter?  I know my corner of the world does!!!

Yes, I know I am goofy, but try it!!!  Then, send me an email and tell me the results!  We may have to put it in my new book called:  "I thought it was a bowl...." -  more on that subject later!!!

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