Monday, August 5, 2013

Hilarious moment...

Have you ever had one of those hilarious moments when you cannot stop laughing???  I just did!
I was in the middle of coloring my hair and between the stage of color and rinsing, I happened to look in the mirror and see the color dripping down my forehead and onto my ears!!! It was absolutely hilarious!!!  Boisterously funny!  It made me laugh so hard that I thought I was going to cry.....when was the last time you laughed at yourself???  A moment of merriment like this can cause us to relax, regroup and remind ourselves that sometimes we take life much too seriously!!  At least, I know that I do!

Try it today..........find something to laugh at with yourself, at yourself or for yourself!  Go find a cartoon that makes you giggle and share it with someone you know who is going through a rough stretch.  Stick your tongue out at someone in traffic who you really want to say or do something not so nice to......make funny faces in the mirror with your kids or grandkids........tell your neighbor a joke or share what happened this morning to me with someone else!  LAUGH!!! 

Life is to be enjoyed and God has given us a world full of reasons to smile, laugh, and stand in awe of in all creation!!!  Listen to the squirrels as they run after each other in the the birds frolic to and fro from your bird feeder or fly through the sprinkler..........throw a toy for your dog in the back yard and see him/her laugh with their tails!!! That is how dogs smile - did you know that?  By wagging their tails!!!
Or, if you have a very noisy cat like I do, you can laugh at how annoyed I get with him meowing over and over and over.........yes, it is annoying, but what is he trying to tell me???  It may the wisdom of a sage trying to get my attention because I am always in a hurry.  Stop, breathe, laugh!!!

Find something in your day that is absolutely ludicrous and laugh!!!  That's right:  a big, belly laugh from your belly button!!!  Fill that heart and mind with things of joy - pure joy!!!

Children laugh hundreds of times a day, but you know what?  Adults rarely laugh!!!  Google the statistics and see what it says!  Then, look up the word hilarious and see what comes up!

Ask other people what makes them out people who love to laugh and join them!
Knock on the door of God's window and see what he shows you today!!!

Matthew 7:7
Ask, and it shall be given to you.
Seek and you shall find.
Knock and the door will be opened to you!!!

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