Tuesday, May 20, 2014


FUN!  What is that?  Fun is something that provides amusement, enjoyment and/or playfulness.  Or, it can be something whimsical or flamboyant!!!  Fun can also be kidding around with your best pal - calling them goofy names, playing a practical joke on them or laughing at the silliest things together!!!  Whatever it is to you, I hope it is something you want to partake of on a daily basis!!!

When was the last time you had fun?  Laughed?? Played a joke on someone???
If it has been a while since the corners of your mouth turned UP, then you definitely need to put some fun back into your life! 

I was at Worlds of Fun in KC, MO last weekend with a very special person and his three daugthers - we had a blast!!!  We rode one roller coaster after another all the while laughing, screaming, and getting dizzy together!!!  It was so much FUN!!!

Some people like to kid around saying that the best part of their dysfunctional family is putting the FUN back into dysFUNctional!!!  If your family is one of THOSE families (LOL), then make it a place to relax and enjoy each other!!! Put the fun back into life - stop being so serious all the time!!! 

God has given us so many reasons to laugh and giggle together - why not take advantage and SEIZE THE DAY and laugh!!!  That's right - a big, belly laugh all the way down to your toes!!!

FUN - what can you do to bring it into your corner of the world today???

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