Thursday, May 8, 2014


Graduation anyone???  My son has arrived at the final destination of one chapter of his life:  High School!  Wow!  The time really did fly past.......18 years and he is off to a new life of his own.  We raise them to have wings, right???  To fly the nest to move forward on their own, but when the day actually comes, how do we really let go???

To graduate means that my son, Matt will receive a diploma for completing his required intervals of reading, writing and arithmetic!  He has the knowledge and skill base to go on to college........unbelievable!!!  His classes and accomplishments in high school have trained him to go out into the world and begin a new a series of classes which will prepare him to step into a full-time career!  He will begin the next phase that will prepare him to obtain and hold a job that will hopefully provide for a family and give him satisfaction in his field.  Wow........that is monumental concept for his mom!!! 

I never realized when I graduated from high school or college what affect/effect it was having on my parents!  I wonder.........what were their thoughts?  Imagination about me and my life to come?  What were their hopes and dreams for me?  It is an amazing thought!

And, now, here I am, reflecting on Matt's life.....what will he become?  What will he do?  Where will he live?  Where will he work?  Where will the Lord lead him in this life???  And, will he listen?  Ahhhh........that is the real issue.  Will he follow the path that he is destined for?  We shall see........we shall see.  And, how exciting is that for a parent to watch the steps, the choices, the decisions of their child?  I must admit it is very, very exciting!!!

You might be asking what is Matt's Passion???  BioTechnology is his passion:  DNA testing, wildlife specimens, long words of science that I have no idea what they mean!!!  But, Matt loves it!  He won a GENIUS Olympiad award recently with Greater KC Science and Engineering Foundation. Several of his classmates did, too!  They are on fire for what they found in their experiments!!!  Matt's BioTechnology teacher is fantastic - she inspires them to grow and learn and test out hypothesises that may change the outcome in our environment and our world - wow!!!  What a fantastic idea to contemplate!!!  This week, his teacher, Miss Bott had a surprise luncheon for the seniors and their parents at Shawnee Mission West!  The parents had an opportunity to view and listen to the student's presentations on what they were trying to accomplish in their class this year.  And, what they DID accomplish is amazing!!!  Our world is going to have the brilliant minds of these students who want to improve our world and the ecosystems that we inhabit - it is truly amazing!!!  Watch out world - here they come!!!!

And, now, commencement!  The final phase of this chapter for Matt!  A final conferring of his high school learning - a receipt of an academic degree at graduation next week!!!  WOW!!!  I cannot wait to see what the next chapter will be for Matt and for me..........

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