Friday, September 5, 2014

Exquisite sunrise.........

Have you ever seen an exquisite sunrise???  I did this week.  One of the pleasures of being an early riser, is that we have the opportunity to view God's best each morning we arise early!!!  The colors of a sunset are beautiful, however, the colors of this past Wednesday morning's sunrise was almost indescribable.  Here is my stab at that description:

Exquisite is showing a high degree of craft or excellence....also, exquisite is delicately or poignantly beautiful.  I love that word poignant!!!  Reflect on that a bit..........poignantly beautiful....ahhhh................YES!!!  Some say exquisite is even acutely discriminating (as in taste), but keenly intense.  What would you say if you saw one of the most brilliant and exquisite sunrises of your life???  I wish I was a photographer and could paste a picture of what I saw the other absolutely took my breath away!!!  There were thunderstorms brewing, the wind was blowing, the clouds were changing minute by minute as I drove toward the horizon and the colors we unbelievable - ethereal may be a better description!!!  They WERE absolutely heavenly!!!

It was truly a spiritual moment for me as I witnessed God's presence and contemplated His magnificence once again.  That Divine Creation that is set in place each morning and says goodnight each evening is one we should take note of often.  So many days, we get caught up in running errands after work or after school, taking care of this and that and we forget to look up and all around at the Divine Majesty that surrounds us every day.

Look for exquisite, poignant, ethereal things this only takes a few seconds, but the after affect lasts a lifetime!!!

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