Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all those wonderful, marvelous, loving mother's out there!!!

If I had a flower
for every time
I thought of Mothers,
I could walk
through my garden
My mom who is in Heaven now, was a gardener.  She gave each of us four kids the gift of loving  of gardening and being outdoors.  She taught us to enjoy every gift of every season!!!
One time when I was in Ohio visiting, mom was going to the grocery store and I went along.  She meandered along several streets until I finally asked:  "Aren't we going to the grocery store?"  Mom replied, "Yes."  Then, my question was:  "So, did you know the grocery was just up that street we just passed?"  And, of course, she smiled and said:  "Yes, I know, but I wanted to see if my neighbors garden was in bloom  yet...." 
Ahhhh....what a gift she gave me that day!  To journey through life and meander this way and that, to find the surprises along the way and to enjoy each beautiful, precious moment that God gives us each day!!! 
Thank you, Heavenly Father for my incredible mom!!!  I miss her SO very much, but will always have her with me in my heart and soul......thank you, thank you, thank you Mom for ALL the wonderful gifts you gave my heart!!!!

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