Sunday, May 31, 2015

Brave, Courage, Courageous....

This month of May was supposed to be my month of "rest."  Well, needless to say, it has not been very restful.  Many sleepless nights, many worries, many concerns, many issues, but through it all, God has been holding me with His Incredible Hands and lifting me to a place higher than I thought possible.  As I have been contemplating my journey, I have found that I have had to muster up more courage than I ever have before in my life.  You know how that goes, one major life event would have been enough, but three major life events all at once?  Whew!!!  I am not sure how people without God in their life make it through the rough times.....I know that I am so very grateful for a God who holds me firmly in His Hands and prepares me for a new journey ahead!!!

This is not a pity party.  This about learning to be powerful - through God's strength and His alone.
Philippians4:13 says:
"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."  Wow!  How else could I possibly be at peace while losing my job, almost losing my son in a motorcycle accident, and losing what I thought was the love of my life.  Yet, as I look back over the events of this past month, I find myself stronger each day.  Are some days incredibly tough?  Absolutely!!!  Tears have rolled down my face on more than one occasion and multiple times per day.  Yet, difficult times tend to bring out our strengths as well as our weaknesses.  Hopefully, we can each manage to learn from our mistakes and gain courage during trials so that we can move forward - again, in God's strength.

This week, my wonderful sister, Cathi sent me a song called "You Make Me Brave" sung by Amanda Cook and produced by the music group Bethel - it is incredible!!!  Take a listen when you have time....

You Make Me Brave
Amanda Cook & Bethel Music - You Make Me Brave

Have you ever thought of yourself as "Brave?"  "Courageous?"  And, what does being brave or courageous mean?  Brave is displaying courage.  Being brave is facing a challenge courageously.
What is courage then?  Courage is the quality of mind that enables one to face danger or trouble with confidence.  Where does that confidence come from?  Having a heart, soul and spirit that dares to defy the odds?  True Grit?  Pure spunk???  Or, from God???  Think about it.  Reflect on where you get your courage from - it is a question worth contemplating.

Courage is daring to act with valor when you want to lash out or give up.  Courage is choosing to see the problem/concern and taking it head on.  Courage is being willing to find solutions, search for answers, and wait for wisdom and guidance.  Yes, I said wait.  Waiting is one of the hardest things to do when everything seems to be crumbling down around you.  When the cancer is back.  Where there is no solution.  When the finances have been depleted.  When it seems all hope has been lost.

Believe me, as a Prayer Warrior at our church, we have tumultuous prayer requests each week!!!  Many people are going through horrendous things.  It seems that the more we pray, the more we have need to pray!  It gives each of us a new perspective on life.  Each week, when we pray for others, we start with a list of Praises.  Praises of answered prayers.  Praises for healing.  Praises for new beginnings.  Praises for doors opening where another door was slammed shut.  Praises for joys shared with each other along the way.  It is unbelievable some days how God answers our prayers.  We stand amazed each week when we reflect on the ways God has moved in our lives and those of the people we pray for every Thursday.

As the song says, "wave after wave"  God's love crashes over me.   The majesty and wonder of our Champion in Heaven.  Our King of Heaven.  He draws us out beyond the shore as He sings His song of love for us.  Each of us.  I have heard Him calling my name.  I have heard of His Grace.  I Have heard of His Love.  Can you hear him calling your name???

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