Saturday, June 20, 2015

Awe and Wonder...

Have you ever had one of those moments where you were in complete awe and wonder of something?  I have and it is one of those moments where you have to stop, pause and look up at the vast sky or the stars, and say "Thank you" to the One who created it all!!!

Awe is a mixture of reverence, fear and wonder.....then, you add awesome.  Awesome is something that inspires awe and creates wonderful or impressive feelings.  What are you in awe of today?  What has been awesome in your life lately???

Have you been stopped in your footsteps at a such a beautiful sight in nature that you just stop and stare???  Have you ever stood atop of a mountain, or seen a stream that invites you to sit a while and ponder life?  What about observing a family of geese quietly swimming across a pond, or have you experienced a sunset or sunrise that made you just think:  "Wow!"  How about a thunderstorm or a streak of lightening that lit up the sky and you wondered if the thunderstorm was talking to the lightening???  And, what about the clouds rolling by as you lay on a blanket looking up at the sky and watch as the clouds gently flow with the summer air?  If you haven't done that since you were a kid, go try it.  It truly inspires awe!!!

What creates that feeling of awe and reverence for you?  Let me tell you from personal experience, it is worth trying to acknowledge these "ordinary" things that create an extraordinary feeling of awe and wonder.  Sights we miss, sights we pass by and don't even give a second thought.  We take for granted the mystery of life.  We ignore the sunlit glades and ways among the loveliest flowers as we walk our dog because we are so busy talking on the phone instead of watching nature, or paying attention to those we love.  We miss seeing our kids take their first step or their first cartwheel because we are so immersed in our work, or our chores, or our "duties."  We miss out on so much in our busy world because we hurry along life's path.  We get distracted by things that really don't matter.  This week, try to stop the next time you see something that inspires you and consider holding onto that feeling for the rest of the day!  Write it down.  Send a picture to a friend on that crazy smart phone of yours.  Then, savor it for a week, or a month!!!  You will be glad you did.......

Next is wonder....Wonder is an event which causes astonishment and admiration.  To be filled with wonder or marvel at something that happens in your life unexpectedly in a good, positive and/or wonderful way is amazing to experience!!!

Have you ever had a random act of kindness in your life that caught you by surprise?  Something that inspired an enormous heart full of joy for you?  I have had several in my lifetime and just
recently have been a recipient of three such acts.  A dear friend of mine and her hubby called last weekend to see how I was doing and what I needed as I have been laid off work for a couple of months.  Just to have them stop over and say hello, and ask what they could do for me was more than I expected.  What a sweet friendship we share and have for many years.  Then, after they had gone home, I went upstairs to use my restroom and low and behold, they had left a gift of money for me.  Wow.........amazing!  Awe.........wonder......gratitude filled my heart!!!  Tears ran down my face.  I called to say thank you and could hardly speak.  My emotions were overflowing at such a gift of kindness...such a gift of thoughtfulness. 

A second act of kindness that I experienced recently is that a friend of mine offered to loan me and my son the money to put a down payment on a used car for Matt whose vehicles are out of commission and have gone to motorcycle and automobile heaven.  Dead.  Done.  Gone.
No transportation for the time being for a 19 year old son is incomprehensible.  Consequences of his choices no less, but nonetheless, devastating to him.  So, what did my friend offer?  A way out - a chance to start afresh!  Wow....amazing!!  Awe and wonder again.........gratitude overflowing.  Astonishment. Why would someone do that?  Pure kindness.  Pure generosity.  Incredible friendship.

Then, a third act of kindness which happened a couple of months ago,  my computer died and went to computer heaven.  Dead.   Done.  Gone.  Looking for a job and not having a computer in the year 2015 doesn't work very well.  Going to the library to send out resumes and cover letters is a bit inconvenient.  Doable, but definitely not the best way to function.  Another friend, completely separate from the other two noted above, calls and comes by with a refurbished computer for me.  Advance birthday and Christmas gift she says.........Wow....amazing!!!  Awe and wonder filled my heart back then and still does each time I sit down to open my email, apply for a job, blog about incredible friends and/or correspond with anyone.  Friends.  Gifts.  Amazing.  Incredible.  Awe.  Wonder.

My response?  Gratitude.  Humility.  Astonishment.  And, admiration for those who care about me enough to meet my needs and offer a helping hand.  Future response?  Pay it Forward.  Just like the movie.  When someone offers me a helping hand, I want to do the same for someone else.  Every time I can.  Every chance I get. 

I will be forever grateful that the God of the Universe who has blessed me with such incredible people in my life and has answered many, many prayers through people who care enough to show it.  People just like you and me.

Do I have awe and wonder in my heart???  Absolutely.  Every day!!!

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