Saturday, August 2, 2014


FUN - that's right -fun, pure enjoyment, pleasure, amusement, and merriment!!!  What in the world is merriment???  Be Merry!!! Find something that is hilarious and feel the fun loving moments of laughter!!!  Frolic - go outside and run wildly through a field!!!  GO have some fun today!!!  That's right - go DO something fun, GO somewhere fun, or do something WITH someone who is fun!!!

Pure fun..........what does that look like to you???   If you can't even remember - you are PAST due - go for it!!!!!!!!!!!

Go somewhere new, laugh, skip, giggle, or tickle yourself until you turn blue!  Take a day off soon and go to the closest amusement park!  Get on that Roller coaster or water ride just to laugh and scream all the way!!!  Go to a regular park and swing on the swings - you are NOT too old!!!  It is FUN!!!  And, here is one of my favorites lately:  consider going parking with someone special!!!  That's right - get in the back seat and kiss until your heart's content!!!  Why not???  When was the last time you had FUN???

If you are not into THAT much fun, then consider these:
Enjoy the day........walk amongst the loveliest flowers you can find.......find the sunlit glades along the way...........relish the sunshine or the rain.......look for the rainbow.....water your garden.......visit with a neighbor.........take a bicycle with your dog or a a new a funny the funnies in a REAL Sunday paper........grab a Hoops and Yo-Yo card from Hallmark and let yourself silly........get a bottle of bubbles and pretend you are six again.......tell silly jokes to your kids so that they will think you are your sister or brother and reminisce about your childhood days........

There are so many ways to find life enjoyable..........GO!  Find something new that will lift your spirit!!!
Then, email those ideas back to me so we can share them, if you are so inclined!!!

GO!!!  ENJOY!!!  PURE JOY!!!  FUN!!!

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