Thursday, January 15, 2015

Finding your Sweet Spot...

Our sweet spot is that place where our greatest passions and our talents or abilities intersect.
Proverbs 31 Ministries had this quote on their website this week and it made me wonder:  Have I found my sweet spot in life?  Have I found my greatest passion?  My talent?  My ability?  Have you ever thought about your “sweet spot?”  And, what exactly is that???  Each of us may have a different idea of what that means in our own life.  If you haven’t given it any thought before, why not???  This might be a great time to consider challenging yourself to find it!
What talents and abilities do you have?  Are you using them on a regular basis or are they lying dormant?  Has it been a while since you felt passionate about something?  If so, it may be time to begin to explore some ideas.  What interests you?  What do you find appealing?  Fascinating?  What peeks your curiosity?  What grabs your attention?  What do you find yourself absorbed in as you go about your day?  Do you have a hobby that seems to engross your thoughts and time more than other activities?  Or, is there something you have never tried before that you want to do just for fun?
Is there something that could intersect with your talents and ability and become a passion?  Is there a calling that you have felt for a long time and have never acted upon it? 
Think about that, reflect on the possibilities, and open yourself to new realms you have never explored before today.
Dig Deep!  What have you been putting off?   An idea, a thought, a trip, a new hobby or something that has been on that back burner that needs to be kindled or perhaps re-kindled???  Is there a risk you could take and step out of your comfort zone to find your sweet spot???
We each have been given so much!  Have you ever wondered why you have been placed on this planet?  What is your purpose?  Your dream?  Each of us have to find it on our own – but, we have to start looking for it!!!
Over the past few years, God has placed an incredible passion on my heart to show people how important they are to Him.  You matter.  I matter.  Yes, we all matter to God!!!  And, He has given each of us specific talents and abilities to use for the good of those around us!!!  And, He has given each of us a unique perspective on life! 
Why not break out of that comfort zone and try something new?  Get creative!!!  Experiment!!!  Find something that really lights your fire and go for it!  Learn a new language…….take a trip to a little town near you and explore……..go for a long walk or a long drive and let yourself just experience someplace new and different for a change!  Take a friend along……..ask a neighbor to go with you!

Whatever may ignite your passion to find that “sweet spot” in your own life, do it!!!  It will be a sweet revelation………..I promise!!!

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