Wednesday, July 2, 2014


My sister, Cathi, gave me a wonderful topic to blog about today = Adventure!!!  Her thoughts got me to thinking and I know she will take her adventure in a different direction than I will, but she has inspired me to new ways of thinking about this thing called "adventure."  (Thank you, Cathi!!!)

What is adventure???  Well, the dictionary definition is:  Taking risks, an unusual or suspenseful experience, a venture, an escapade, a lark!!!  When was the last time you "took" an adventure or viewed life as an "adventure?" 

Be your own hero or heroine and go on an adventure today!  Be a dare-devil to try something new.......plot out a new path........go on a journey even if it is just to the grocery store! 

My mom used to do that and I thought she was crazy!  Here is a true story:  I was home in Ohio one trip and she asked me to accompany her to the grocery, so I got in the car with her and off she goes down the road right past the grocery.  After several minutes, I asked her, "Where are you going?"  She replied:  "To the grocery."  One more question from the peanut gallery (me):  "Did you know it was just down the block from where you live?"  She replied: "Yes."  My reply was:  "So, why are we going in the opposite direction?"  Her reply:  "To look at the neighbor's garden and to see if the trees in the park have blossomed yet!" mom was on an adventure every day of her life!  And, she taught her four kids to do so as well....I believe her six grand kids "journey", too!!!  What fun, what an adventure, what a gift!!!

Now, consider this: is a carefree adventure!  (I think I like that word!!!)
Lark.........even better!  It is a carefree romp or prank!  A spree or mischief!
Venture...a speculative or risky undertaking.  To brave the dangers of.  To express at the risk of denial, criticism or censure.
Venturesome...daring, bold!

Okay, so without getting yourself into TOO much trouble, be BOLD today!  Be venturesome!!  Go on an escapade - dare to be carefree!!! 
Spread a little mischief today wherever you go!!!

And remember, God goes with you and wants you to enjoy the adventure each moment you are alive!!!

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