Sunday, July 27, 2014


On a quiet Sunday afternoon, I sit pondering the concept of trust.  It is defined as a firm reliance or confident belief or faith.  A person or thing in which confidence is placed, to rely on, to depend on, and to have hope in.....what is trust to you?  Who can you trust?  When can you really place your trust in something or someone?  When do you "allow" yourself to trust someone???

My brother gave me this analogy once:  Trust is a bit like a bank account.  You build it - one deposit at a time.  Just like deposits in a bank account, you add a little trust each time you do what you say you are going to do.   Or, trust is built when someone ask you to keep something in confidence and you do.  Trust is built over time - it is a process in many doesn't happen overnight.  Sometimes, trust takes a long time to build and other times, it comes more easily or readily. 

I was lucky enough to have parents who were a good source of trust.  My parents loved us kids and did whatever it took to take good care of us and keep us from harm.  They provided a secure home and a safe place to express our feelings.  They disciplined us and taught us right from wrong.  They loved us unconditionally.  I have been blessed. 

Other examples of trust may be:  When you take an elderly neighbor to the doctor and they depend on you to show up on time, drive them to the appointment and take them home.  This builds trust as you take care of their needs and allow them to get there and back safely.
Or, you show up at the hospital room while a friend is waiting for their loved one to come out of surgery or visit when they are recovering from surgery. 
Trust is built when you show up or take your kids to every baseball game, every soccer game, every volleyball game, every swim meet, every theater practice or play, or whatever activity your kids enjoyed growing up! 
Trust is built when you put your kids to bed at night when they are little - they know you are there for them.
Trust is built when your teenage kids know you will take them to dinner every Sunday as promised. 
Trust is built one step at a time, one hug at a time, one listening ear at a time, one reliable instance at a time.

Trustworthy people are truthful, believable and credible.  They follow through, they can be counted on for big things and small things.  They are reliable.  They are honest.  The are humble.  They are dependable. When others seem scarce, a trustworthy person is there for you.  You know you can call that person anytime and they will listen, give you a shoulder to cry on and a heart to depend on.

Learning to trust may be a journey for some who have not had the gift of trustworthy people in their lives.
Trust is a key concept in our lives - one we need to build and refine each day.  In ourselves and in our relationships.  It is a foundation worth building.  Be dependable, be reliable, be faithful in your duties - be that person others can count on!!! 

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